Testimonials from Real People who experienced Real Spiritual Healing Results.

August, 2016
Mimmo and his Group gave me an Empowerment Healing. I was diagnosed with
Breast Cancer. He told me during the empowerment therapy, that my mother
was with me during the therapy and that she said not to worry about the situation
in my chest. My mother passed in 1996, yet he described her very well. After the
therapy Mimmo also mentioned that my father was there as well and he assisted
in my healing. I went to my Doctor, soon after that and he confirmed that I no
longer had cancer whatsoever.
July 2017
I had 3 kidney stones. I Had been in and out of the hospital and in a lot of pain for
weeks. I went for a spiritual a healing , given by Mimmo Pileggi in a Florida spiritual
center. My stones disappeared and never came back.
It was such a dramatic change in my life that I decided to take courses with
Mimmo and learn more about empowerment healing. Since then We formed a
group and have been doing the healing on people and my life has improved
tremendously, in many levels. I feel peace and love within myself that I’ve never
experienced before.
August 2017
Agape Team: “Thank you for your deep and powerful healing sessions, for sharing
the tools and techniques that you have developed over the years, your
knowledge, compassion, and understanding. I appreciate the generous gifts of
your time. Thank you for helping me in the specific ways in which I have needed
help and healing for a long time. Thanks for helping to address and heal from a
Neurological disorder. Thanks for helping me to release negative energy, and to
gather positive energy so that I can now embrace and empower my self, health,
career, finances, and life again. I imagine how everyone can benefit from your
clearing and healing sessions and spiritual work. I will always highly recommend
your sessions, services, and website to others. Sincerely, (L. J).
June 2017
I am as sore from this session as I was from the first one we did. I had not slept
at all last night so once I started my music It was not long after that I went to
sleep. In fact I am just now waking up from the session. If not for the stiffness I
could run a 10K as I have more energy now than I have had for a long time. I
have not been energized like this for several sessions so I will burn through the
paper work today.
I am getting 17 trigger point injections in the AM so I hope the energy stays so I
can get caught up on work after my shots. It was VERY successful again I have
not had this feel of energy for a long time. Thanks again….
Mimmo I had a very rough night was up most of it. The session this AM was very
calming , compared to the pain that kept me awake. As usual, I have a lot of
muscle pain after the most recent sessions, but today will get me through the
week I am certain.
I do not remember much else other than when I started I hurt all over and could
not feel my left leg at all and very little in my right leg. Now I have some feeling in
both. So as indicated I have never had one that has not made a difference.
Thank You for this very much…
July 2017
Mimmo, the session was very, very good . I would bet $1000.00 that I would not
have been able to get out of bed. I am feeling so much better and now doing
things I have not done for 10 years. I cut down a 40 foot tree the day before, and
my wife and I were certain that I would not be able to move out of the bed. You
took care of that through this session and for that I am grateful.
It was very powerful Mimmo I saw my Dad walking towards me in a long hallway
and it was like I could reach out and touch him. It was not a dream because I
could hear noises around me. At the start of the session I also felt the heat on
my back. Then I saw dad. That was the first time I saw him since he passed in a
state of meditation or even a dream. This was a very special and very meaningful
This AM I felt the heat on my spine just like I did in the other sessions. I was not
sore like I have been the last 2-3 sessions. I wish this could be the catch all
Mimmo but at this point I am going to have to go forward with the surgery. They
want to do this on Oct 13, 2017. I am so miserable right now that I am not left
with much of a choice.
Oct 2017
Mimmo there is no doubt in my mind that it is because of your efforts I have gotten
out of Rehab 3 weeks early and out of the hospital about 10 days sooner
than they expected.
I am also certain that Had I not been working with you they could have never
done the surgery they just did. They needed 4 Doctors In my surgery as I have
so much that needs repair.
They wanted to do this 6 yrs ago and at that time I had no discs that were even
remotely strong enough to complete this.
They were also able to straighten my spine, something they never had done
previous. If you know anything about degenerative disc disease but discs
NEVER improve. BUT mine did.
This is the first time in13 yrs that I am standing upright the way God meant us to.
I contribute all of this to your work Mimmo. Once I get rid of the post surgery pain
I know that I will be able to live the rest of my life for the most part pain free in my
Something even 3 yrs ago the Doctors stated would never ever happen.
I am eternally grateful.