How we use Donations towards a Healing ProcessHEALING OUR BROKEN HUMANITY

DONATIONS for a broken humanity.

1. We offer families food baskets, and especially during the Holidays. 

2. Secondly, Our Spiritual teachers develop and assist less fortunate individuals.  Most importantly, we recognize individuals committed in their spiritual growth.

3. Thirdly, The Agape family and Spiritual healers out reach expands with hospital visits, as well as visiting individuals who are home bound. Consequently, we organize Special events and offer  opportunities for communities to experience Spiritual Energy healing benefits. HEALING OUR BROKEN HUMANITY

Finally and most importantly, Your Donations done online and through a secure payment portal or by cheque. Please note the cheque as a Donation.

1. Access our secure payment portal by clicking on one of the buttons below.DONATIONS 

2. Furthermore, please note and send the check as a Donation to : Agape Spiritual Centre, 5384 Jean Talon East, Mtl, QC, H1S-1L5

3. As well, Donate Cryptocurrencies / Bitcoin/ Ethyreum /Litcoin  by our direct link below. DONATIONS HEALING OUR BROKEN HUMANITYdonations  HEAL OUR humanity


Healing our broken humanity. Why we ask for Donations.Donations 

Above all, your Donations assist us, and support our work. Your Donations, most importantly, are helping us heal our humanity. You are certainly making a difference.

Donations, in other words, are for the less fortunate in the community. As a non – profit organization, AGAPE Spiritual Centre’s purpose is to support our communities.

the healing process why donations helpdonations benefit  IN HEALING  As a result, Agape is open in 2 locations. Conclusively, we offer Educational classes to all.  We Ordain Ministers , also, so as to continue our outreach. In addition, we take your personal success seriously.  Realize that Spiritual progress is obtained through our Inner Source and only through our God Source.

Additionally, The Center acknowledges the 7 Principles of Spirituality. As a result, besides promoting cooperation and dialogue among Spiritualist Venues, we strive to improve dialog with societies, organizations, and individuals. We strive towards a common and united goal.

If you have a Spiritual project, subsequently, we are delighted to review, and there is a possibly to fund your project. Moreover, our communities are empowered by sharing our inner God Source and through unconditional love.

ULTIMATELY, Your donations benefit  IN HEALING OUR humanity by the ongoing assistance,  one person at a time.


Christmas Baskets

Families Financially Assisted

Hospital Visits

Spiritual Energy Healings

Let’s Work Together!

We look forward to hearing from you