What is Spiritual Awareness and how do we achieve it?

The first step towards Spiritual Enlightenment and Spiritual growth is A Spiritual Awakening.  So How do we achieve a spiritual awakening?

For example, Spiritual awakenings occur spontaneously, at times. However, major life changes often trigger the events. For instance, a Trigger transpires almost always from first wars, second, pandemics, third, life crises, and finally, even traumas such as life-threatening illnesses. Subsequently, other examples can include car accidents, divorces, mental health crises and even a near-death experience.

So anything can trigger a spiritual awareness, from the completely mundane to a completely life-altering situation.

Above all, a spiritual awareness is realized throughout your body, heart, mind, and soul. However, no sooner does this realization come to surface, you force yourself to see how limited you have been in the past.  You subsequently Awaken to the realization that our illusions, our misconceptions, or whatever we believed to be true, were not. Consequently, we allow our inner bright light shines brighter, and so do our questions.


The State of Consciousness through Spiritual Awareness

In addition, We can define How to achieve Spiritual Awakening  in many ways, and it depends what we focus on. First, “Enlightenment” implies a more finished state and and also a constant realized state. A self-realized state then points to the word enlightenment. Utimately, at its core, the ego transcends or points to the inherent potential within each of us to realize this. Therefore, “Awakening” is a more active quality of a verb and thereafter suggests a movement or a shift in consciousness.

As an example, an awareness achieves a sudden increase in the overall amount of consciousness in an individuals experience. Then, small awakenings connect us to consequently bigger awakenings. Also,  Consciousness is unlimited potential for all awareness, and it has unlimited potential to shift in any way, at any moment. Ultimately, Consciousness can shift from contracted states of fear, anger, or hurt to expanded states of peace and joy in an instant. Unfortunately, it can also shift in the other direction. Consciousness has no fixed state.

A Newly Awakened Life

So,Spiritual awakenings can be complicated, yet profound, and nothing short of life-changing. While they may not be easy, a spiritual awakening will improve your overall life. From this point, You will learn to allow and furthermore, you will learn to evaluate the process with patience, and with a greater overall knowledge

Ultimately, if you find yourself at this cross road in life, trust the process, hang on tight, and prepare for a newly awakened life.