Our Founder - What is an Altruistic Act?

Introducing our founder of AGAPE SPIRITUAL METAPHYSICAL CENTERS. Our Focus and Mission is to create Spiritual Centers to give you an opportunity to grow, in Spiritual Consciousness, through Courses, Meditations, also weekly Services, Spiritual Healing and Altruistic Actions.




True Altruism is why AGAPE Spiritual Metaphysical Centers came to be. We are presently located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and as well in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.Our Founder – What is an Altruistic Act

Reverend DR. Mimmo Pileggi opened both Centers in 2016 and completed a D.D.Doctor of Divinity as well as Spiritual Healing, and Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc, Psy.ThD. Doctor of Theocentric Psychology.

The spiritual journey began for our founder when he received a great blessing in 1961 from Padre Pio, so at age 6.

Padre Pio was one of the world’s most popular saints in Italy and a renowned monk. “.., also known as Saint Pius of Pietrelcina. He was an Italian Franciscan Capuchin, friar, priest, stigmatist, and mystic, now PONTIFICATE, as a saint in the Catholic Church. Born Francesco Forgione, he was given the name of Pius when he joined the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin”.


Padre Pio OUR-FOUNDER-what-is-an-altruistic-act




Mimmo Pileggi rebelled against his true calling for 30 years. He absolutely refused to believe in all that was spiritual. In other words, a complete rebel who continued his life without Spirituality. However, at age 36, our founder then placed everything aside, and at this time, listened to his inner voice. Conclusively, this moment focused on a complete Altruistic decision. OUR FOUNDER / WHAT IS AN A

Then, later on, In 1994, a Spirit guided him to a Spiritist Center called Vita Nuova, located in Milano, Italy.  Mimmo met with a healing group and who also worked with a Spirit guide named Doctor Fritz . However, Through Spirit communication and during a trance, it was then that he was introduced to another Spiritist Doctor called Dr. Vasconcelli.

Dr. Vasconcelli, moreover, described a new spiritual energy healing technique. This technique, in addition, was to be administered successfully without any physical touch. Instead, this spiritual energy healing works with the energy field, and along with the body of the patient through the use of  telepathic communication. Conclusively, at that moment, he proclaimed to Mimmo, that he would work alongside him and to offer his assistance.  Since that day, Dr. Vasconcelli has assisted our founder, Reverend Dr. Pileggi during each patient session.


For the past 32 years, Reverend Pileggi has dedicated his life towards Spiritual growth. Many congregations all over the world continue to receive his teachings, his light and spiritual knowledge. OUR FOUNDER / WHAT IS AN ALTRUISTIC ACT?

Spiritual gifts developed through Divine Source are at the core of all of his teachings. He stays Dedicated and commited to daily Meditation.

Dr. Pileggi obtained spiritual abilities and mediumship in several clairvoyant capabilities. The spiritual awakening grew to include ESP, along with Messages from loved ones on the other side. Direct Spirit Communication and Master Teachings through Spirit Masters and Spirit Guides ensued. Over and above, these gifts gave the Reverend an unparalleled approach to Spiritual Energy Healing. These techniques are uniquely only given by the AGAPE Spiritual Metaphysical Centers.


“Healing is the ultimate instrument used to connect universal healing energy to physical energy. The Spiritual weapons of love used in Spiritual Healing can obtain incredulous results to those in need and that are ready and open to positive change. Spiritual healing has the ability to heal physical ailments and illnesses, erase karmic debt from past lives to present, create serenity and peace and even create love for oneself.”

Rev. Dr. Mimmo Pileggi

ALTRUISM / Rev. Dr. Mimmo Pileggi-Agape Spiritual Center

As a result, AGAPE has accumulated hundreds of success stories. Above all, the Long distance healing and Spiritual Healings are offered by trained energy healers. Conclusively, Our Focus and Mission is to create Spiritual Centers to give you an opportunity to grow, in Spiritual Consciousness, through Courses, Meditations, also weekly Services, Spiritual Healing and Altruistic Actions.  Similarily, Students who feel the calling, are more than welcome to above all, continue on and to assist at one of our Centers.

Your Steps towards Unconditional Love can create inner joy and self love, and it is the inner connection to our God Source. Peace of mind and incredible satisfaction, however, is a direct benefit, all the while, sharing these wondrous gifts to Humanity. Ultimately, We assist all who are seeking strength, healing and guidance from within. In conclusion, Reverend Pileggi and his team offer the Spiritual Healing Gift of Spirit. Therefore, his life’s work commits him to helping and forming others of like mind. Opening AGAPE Centers worldwide is Reverend Dr. Pileggi’s mission. One person at a time, offering Life giving gifts to Humanity.