Spiritual healing techniques


When we look at the link between Healing modalities and then into Aligning ourselves Spiritually, certainly, Daily Meditation is the first and most important step. As a result, Meditation will lead us towards our inner Source and Meditation connects us to our inner Power. Most importantly, meditation accompanies us on a path to a Spiritual and Physical Re-balancement.THE LINK BETWEEN SPIRITUAL HEALING & MEDITATION

Therefore, spend 15 to 20 minutes a day, In a quiet space so as to quiet your mind and to unlock incredulous possibilities in your life.  The key to your Spiritual Awakening is Meditation.


Linking Meditation to Energy HEALING

Consider that Spiritual Energy Healing and meditation is also a healing modality that can align your body. Moreover, it can align the seven Chakras.  Without any direct physical contact to the body, Spiritual Energy healers work with the Auric energy field. Consequentally, The Spirit Masters guide the Spiritual Healers during the entire healing.  First, our Gods’ Will and an Inner Guiding Source is activated. Next, the group of Spiritual healers  prepare to Open and to Receive the healing gifts. Next, Healing prayers activate the Universal Power of Source Energy.  Finally, through an energy of Unconditional Love, the healing technique is set in motion. Ultimately, the energy uses the primal cause and then to positively transform each person.

So for over 30 years, AGAPE has formed healers in the areas of spiritual studies and guidance.  To clarify, The Healing Techniques were directly sourced to Dr. Rev. Mimmo Pileggi, D.D. PsyThD, directly from Spirit. It is important to note, that the Empowerment Healing technique is unlike any other healing modality in the world.

Meditation & Spiritual Healing: Agape Spiritual Center

In the past two decades, Dr. Rev. Mimmo Pileggi has taught his unique spiritual healing techniques to hundreds of practitioners.

Therefore, Rev. Pileggi’s energy healing therapies assisted thousands of people, physically or emotionally affected by illness. Above all, this healing modality is successful even in long distance therapies.

Spiritual Energy Healing is an enormous Focus at our centre. Our mission at AGAPE is to bring awareness and to bring the healing energy of Spiritual Empowerment Healing to all.

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