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Our Calendar Events offer the following SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES:

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Our services include Spiritual development Courses and may include Certifications.


Spiritual Healing Program:

You hold the power within you. Not only for you to grow. Also to uplift others and to heal the whole world through unconditional love. Through our spiritual developmental course you learn how to connect to Spiritual Therapy, how to become one with Godliness connecting each soul to the collective through a highly spiritual energy.


Scheduled Weekly Services:

Be among friends and newcomers.  We offer our services as a safe haven for you to meditate, and then, to hear Channeled messages from loved ones. We can  listen to a Spiritual discourse and lastly, for you to experience the power of Spiritual Energy Healing. Realize your true magnificence and you will begin to experience a change from within. With this, you will create a continuous expansion. You will then become an observe to major changes within your own self.


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Meditation Sessions :  

With AGAPE’s Meditation Sessions, you have the opportunity to dissolve all that no longer serves you.This is why AGAPE’s Meditation Sessions offer guided meditation in a group setting. Above all, It is known that when 2 or more individuals take part in a guided meditation the effects become greater. Thereafter, the intensity and depth of the meditation Increases.

As we meditate, and our connection to source becomes stronger, you will realize that meditations become deeper. Your Inner Source links you to a deeper state of meditation. Therefore, Daily meditation, whether it is performed as a meditative exercise or within the quietness of your own mind, will ultimately help one become more focused, powerful, and wise. In other words, this is the key to your Spiritual growth.

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Mediumship Course: 

It is your birthright to be as a pure light being. Open up to the fullness and potential of your spiritual gifts. In this course, you will learn about Metaphysical and Spirituality Mediumship. Agape develops you  to become a practicing Medium or Psychic Medium. In addition, you will learn the skills and knowledge that you need to use your spiritual gifts for the benefit of others. Above all, You will also learn how to conduct your own spiritual sessions.


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