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Our mission is to bring Spiritual Awakening and the Power of Spiritual Energy Healing to individuals and  communities. We also offer ongoing Courses, in-person and online, besides Events and Retreats. Spiritual Energy Healing Services, and most importantly, Our healing services are offered in person, as well as through long distance remote Spiritual healing.



AGAPE is committed to individuals and, above all, who apply themselves. In other words, when we Commit to our inner God, we learn about ourselves. As well, we accomplish a Oneness with Everything. Thus, spiritual knowledge also begins to expand through us.  Furthermore, anyone who wishes to expand their Spirituality, consequently, can.  Ultimately, We strive toward Unconditional Love in Spiritual growth.


The Power of Spiritual Healing - Agape
Spiritual Energy Healing/Agape Spiritual Center



Conclusively, Spiritual energy healing also achieves miraculous results. For this reason, Agape Spiritual Center used this Healing technique, furthermore, for over 30 years  to transform lives.  With that said, the technique is powerful, and even more so for individuals suffering from barriers in their life and within their life experiences. Similarly, when elevating to higher vibrations, ultimately, can we connect to The power of Spiritual healing. 

Our Founder and also our Reverend Dr. Mimmo Pileggi, Psy.ThD, received the 3 healing step process and directly through Spirit, however, over 30 years ago.  This process is known as Spiritual Empowerment Healing.


Can spiritual healing be the ultimate tool to connect universal healing energy to physical energy?  In short, AGAPE believes so. The Divine tools of love, therefore, used in the Healing energies provide incredible results. In Addition, these spiritual tools are especially effective for individuals in need and who, above all,  are open to receive. To clarify, this method is successful for individuals  ready and open to positive change. Conclusively, It is possible to heal physical ailments and illnesses. Energy healing also eliminates Karmic death from previous lives, while creating peace, happiness and self love. In short, Scientific and spiritual proofs provide a common link to Energy Healings.  Today, medicine also perceives the actual connection between scientific and spiritual healing modalities.

Spiritual Healing Form

What is Spiritual Healing:Agape Spiritual Center
Spiritual healing
Chakras and Auric fields
and the Connection to Spiritual Healing.

The Seven Seals also represent the seven chakras within the human body. In short, the Chakra processes and their functions play an important role in healing as well, especially when spiritual energy healing procedure is activated. Auric energy, as an example, connects the Chakras to the healing process. The Auric field, ultimately, opens a pathway to the patient.



Through a direct connection to the power of the mind, after that, a Spiritual Healer subsequently creates a healing frequency.  Agape Spiritual Healers can also access the patient, furthermore, even when the patient is not present. In addition, they are equipped with the patient’s name, also a picture and location. Above all, patients are responsible to follow the suggested protocol for the healing.

Spiritual Healing Form

REMOTE SPIRITUAL HEALING  Long distance spiritual healing is also possible with Agape Spiritual Healers using the power of the mind to create a healing frequency. Instead, the patient does not have to be present for such healing. In addition, the Spiritual Healer is equipped with the patient's patient’s name, picture and location. The responsibility of the patient is simply to follow the suggested protocol from the Spiritual healers at the allotted time during the healing.  Spiritual Healing Form

Our Founder

 During 2016, the AGAPE Spiritual Metaphysical Centers simultaneously opened in Montreal Quebec, Canada and also in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Reverend DR. Mimmo Pileggi, after that,  received a  D.D.Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Healing, Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc and Psy.ThD. Doctor of Theocentric Psychology.

Above all, Mimmo obtained a great blessing in 1961 from Padre Pio, at age 6. Most important, Padre Pio was one of the world’s most popular saints in Italy and a renowned monk. “… also known as Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, was an Italian Franciscan Capuchin, friar, priest, stigmatist, and mystic, now PONTIFICATE as a saint in the Catholic Church. Born Francesco Forgione, he was given the name of Pius when he joined the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin”.


Rev.Dr. Mimmo Pileggi: Agape spiritual Metaphysical Center
Spiritual Healing Quotes
Spiritual Healing Quotes

“It is said that Healing is the ultimate instrument that connects universal healing energy to physical energy. The spiritual tools of love used in Spiritual Healing can yield astounding results for those who are in need of positive change and open to positive change. Spiritual healing is able to heal physical ailments and illnesses, erase and resolve karmic debt from past lives into the present, create serenity, peace, and even love for oneself.”



Spiritual Healing Quotes

Spiritual Healing Quotes

We do not dictate laws, nor rules or any regulations. We show the light of understanding,and the clarity of vision, and also the polarity of Spirit. You will extend your hand, and whatever is given or said to you, take it like a grain of salt and evaluate it. Within you, there exists the infinite intelligence of God. Meanwhile, You turn him down, why? Do you live segregated and alone, why? You do not consult him, why? Do you think and believe that you and your EGO will know better?  Surrender from these beliefs and you shall cherish the celestial dimensions of the divine by nourishing  God within you.


-Spirit Trance Communication through Dr. Rev. Mimmo Pileggi Psy.ThD.

Spiritual Healing Quotes

Spiritual Healing Quotes

Once you feel that you have met the inner God … you surrender. Is that good or bad? Well, because you are facing a spark of light, of God and God is love. it is obvious that within the physical growth, we are exposed into different challenges by one another. This is why we come on this planet, in this world…to learn and to experience. We do not wish you to come into incarnations after incarnations to bring back your sorrows, your defeats, your misinterpretations… because your mind links into the wrong direction. It has been told to you, over many, many times:

“To know yourself is to know God. To know God, then you know everything that is exposed to you, is to be used without any restriction”.


– Beatrice: Trance Communication Through Dr. Reverend Mimmo Pileggi, D.D., M.Msc., Psy. ThD.



*The Fatherhood of God

*The Brotherhood of Humanity

*Personal Responsibility

*Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul

*The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

*The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

*Compensation and Retribution for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth




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