The Key To Life


Our mission is to bring ENERGY HEALING AND SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION to individuals and  communities. Certainly, we grow Spiritually when we make a commitment to ourselves, GOD, and in the Oneness with All. We offer , subsequently, for those seeking alignment, ongoing Courses, in-person and online, Events and Retreats.

Agape commits to forming individuals with Spiritual Knowledge that comes through Source. We teach and assist every individual who most importantly commit to themselves. A spark of knowing connects us to Unconditional Love. After that, we grow through Spirit.

Our vision is clear: helping each other and our fellow man.


At AGAPE Spiritual Metaphysical Center We work with Spirit and Only for God.

AGAPE’s focus is on healing the soul, body and mind. Healing and Spiritual Transformation begins with Love of Self. Love comes from feelings and from those moments that you build up through life. When you build up love through life, you build up the frequencies that you call memories. The feelings will radiate itself at one point into illumination. And illumination is love.

In today’s turbulence, uncertainty and deception, strengthening our connection to Source is key. It is key to note, raising our vibrations and connecting to our eternal inner God will help us grow. We continually create new abilities and new awarenesses that will assist usto grow together in a World Wide Spiritual Evolution. 

These happenstances were not by chance. Instead, it has brought humanity towards an awakening. Above all, the whole of Humanity, will shift towards a higher vibrational, peaceful, and continual existence.


Spiritual Energy Healing Courses are offered in person at one of our Centres.

When an individual becomes a Spiritual Healer, it is ultimately accomplished  through the action of altruism. Only then can we demonstrate the technical performance of Spiritual Healing through the use of  our Universal God Mind.  We can all become Spiritual Healers to varying degrees.

 Through the consistency of practice, a Spiritual Healer will learn to connect with the patient and to connect with the presence of Spirit.  Spiritual healers are actually used as instruments to supply the demand to those that request the healing energies. It is important to note, it is Source Energy that heals, not the Healer.

Healing Humanity/Agape Spiritual Center
Energy Healing/Agape Spiritual Center

The gift of clairvoyance for energy Healing

The Healer’s clairvoyant abilities adjusts to the healing therapy and simplifies the work as the Healer connects with spirit. The clairvoyance also assists the Healer with the  understanding of what ailment resides and what the patient precisely requires. The gift of clairvoyance also assists the Healer in transmitting the explanation to the patient, after the healing, as well as the explanation of how the process of healing is working through them. Throughout the healing process, the Healer not only sees spirit healers or masters, so called doctor-healers, but at times, the patients’ dis-incarnated loved ones also assist in the healing process.  

the ability to spiritually heal

Once the ability to spiritually heal strengthens with practice, the Healer can easily progress into long distance healing with a similar process by working with the power of the mind to create a healing frequency. The patient is not required to be present but the Healer is equipped with the patient’s name and location.  The process of the 3 healing steps at the AGAPE Spiritual Centres, known as Empowerment Healing has been healing patients, accumulating hundreds of success stories both long distance and directly at the Spiritual Centres.

Spiritual Empowerment Healing/Agape Spiritual Center