The Need for Spiritual Growth

The Creation of Agape Spiritual Metaphysical

The need for spiritual growth is viewed firsthand, today, as a World Wide Spiritual Evolution. In today’s turbulence, uncertainty and deception, the strengthening to our connection to Source is key. Our eternal inner God, creates the awareness and abilities to grow. The need for Spiritual Growth is a calling world wide. Give yourself permission to awaken to this realization. Thereafter, the quest to raise your vibrations and then live through unconditional love will become apparent, more than ever.


AGAPE’s focus is on healing the soul, healing the (physical) body and healing the mind. However, Healing and Spiritual Transformation begins with Love of Self. Love comes from the feelings of those moments that you build up through life. For instance, when you build up love through life, then you build up the frequencies that you call memories. The feelings will radiate out, at one point into illumination. And illumination is love.

Humanity today is guided towards a true awakening. An Awakening that is opening us Spiritually. With that said, we send love to the whole of Humanity, that this awakening will shift towards a peaceful, continual existence.

We encourage you to take a small moment within your daily  lives to experience internal peace and unconditional love at one of AGAPE’s Spiritual Centers.


Unconditional Love- Agape Spiritual Center

Our Gift to You 


Our vision is to help one other and to help our fellow man. In the same vien, with some Spiritual guidance and commitment to your Source energy /God, we can guide individuals to work through confused emotions. These emotions often occur from previous life experience(s). 

Stress, sadness and obsession are only three of the 14 causes of death. Our growth in Spirituality can give us personal control in our lives.  Moreover, It can give us the innate guidance to know how to STEP INTO LIFE. Thereafter, we can STEP OUT OF the rollercoaster of our life circumstances.

By connecting to your inner God/Source you will add Clarity to Your Life. Realize that your Struggles will clear as you commit to Self.


  • Firstly, Realize that in an altruistic gift of life, giving makes you a receiver.
  •  Secondly, Feel the Love of giving and not taking.
  •  Thirdly, Fulfill you heart’s needs  instead of your brain.
  •  Ultimately, Life in the NOW and no longer in the past.




Our Centre is not about Money

In short, AGAPE Spiritual Centre makes an enormous difference in the lives of those open to receive.

Our belief is that no amount of money can obtain peace of mind and tranquility in our heart or in our families.

At AGAPE Spiritual Centre, we work with Spirit and only for God. During our motion towards self love, subsequently the ultimate Love of AGAPE comes through  Divine Source. Most importantly, only individuals open to receive can reach the ultimate understanding and the results they seek.

Our Altruistic actions will provide proof , to sum up, without a doubt to the real meaning of  Faith in the Divine.